A voice in the subconscious starts sending signals to the conscious part.

 – Give it up– I hear a whisper in my mind.I can't give it up- I surprise shouting out to myself.Give it up- forcefully again the voice returns.I can't give up- Am I scared?GIVE IT UP- The voice commands.

I am not gonna give it up!!- I cry out and there is nothing else to add, no need for more words.IMG_2138-001

A mix of feelings, where frustration plays with ego, where unsatisfied satisfaction pressures contentment. Why do I compare? Why do I want to be better? Better than who? Why do I challenge myself constantly? Where do I belong?

Sometimes these are wrong questions or approaches, occasionally they are wrong answers, which make us not find the path we want to create, misleading the inner growth.

Yoga has a definition itself, but what does it mean for you?

“Why do you practice yoga?”

That was one of the first questions our great teacher (Aryan Vedh, from India) asked when I started my yoga teacher training course.

My response was that enriches me internally, cultivating different features but specially Patience. And I learned that patience not only means to be able to wait for something, in this case being more gentle with my body and pressing it only until what I think are my limits (developing those limits step by step). However, now it also means to me to have the capability of waiting with a POSITIVE-CONFIDENT attitude, only then, I can keep advancing, developing and growing my soul & my body.

As well in the art of Acroyoga it happens to me. The result of blending the beautiful combination of acrobatics, fraternity, yoga, trust and healing arts is named: Acroyoga.

How difficult and easy, at the same time, it is to trust someone. When you depend on someone else and when you depend in yourself, in both you need the guidance of trust. A guide that will transform into fraternity reaching a natural flow during the practice.

Today I read some news that in Spain there is a draft bill that states the following “In schools, in the sport field, it is to allow any person can offer the sport services without qualification of any kind”. I got surprised. I thought we learned. I thought it was clear the importance of the physical activity in order to be in balance with the mind. Of course, the politicians in Spain don’t have a lot of grey matter, therefore its understandable that only they ask and dictate an illogical preliminary design.

Nevertheless, I have to admit that I still get upset, often, blaming myself. But some weeks ago I would have run away crying and telling to myself how unable, limited and stupid I am. What was I thinking? Was I going to get somewhere farther than where I was? “No, no, no, no, no: You can’t do it better”. Is the voice called Ego tormenting me.

Yet, after some reflection I have been shaping my mind towards a place that will benefit me more, rather than this negative attitude where the Ego is in a comfortable place, enjoying and delighting.

I answer: “Yes, I can, I want and I don’t care (or that’s what I want to believe) how long it will take me to get the ideal position”. Where I will find body control, strength and serenity.

This insecurity and frustration that invades my soul not only takes part in those spheres, those are just examples that I can extrapolate to other contexts.

The difference between yoga and all the rest of my life, is that Yoga has been the only medicine that cured my anxiety, facing the Ego completely naked without fear or compassion.

Erroneously is called yoga to the realization of asanas (positions) although it’s much more, it’s a way of living.  Yoga means unity, the unity of the outside (world) & inside (oneself).

Don’t allow that what you can’t do to interfere with what you are capable of doing.


When you fly
loose yourself
something else
you’ll find instead
Don’t be afraid
Just let yourself fly
ego should die
Be with me
It’s the essence of life
If you could fly,
where would you be?
the answer is already inside me
Are you unable to feel it?
You can’t see it.
Don’t even try,
because it will pass by.


For all the yogis, specially my mates (TTC Yoga Course Or Yoga) of this journey that we chose to walk together.

To my amazing teacher Aryan.

And to all the acroyogis that push me gently but hard to overcome my fears, particularly to Alexandrine and Oren.