Where do I belong?

I am not gonna get lost.

Once again?

I will not get destroyed.


You are not me,

I don’t pretend to be you.

You want to stay,

I belong nowhere.


I am not empty,

either filled,

absent or awake.

There are no signs of sadness

but endless weeps.


Reaching contentment,

giggling invasion

Where is the light?



What is the purpose?

Talk to me,

Guide me.


“I am a miracle made up of particles

and in this existence,

I’ll stay persistent,

and I’ll make a difference

and I will have lived it”


Different realness,

people and places.

Your truth and theirs




All mysterious ways of nature

it’s a distinct path

I am not a leader

just a creature.


I am on the way to my realm,

I’ll create it

and someday

I’ll not come back.