Why a nomadic life?

Why the restlessness or need to move from place to place?

Because everything is temporary and nothing belongs to us.

A nomadic life helps the practice of detachment, which is fully linked to my yoga practice and philosophy that surrounds it.

I’ve sold everything. I have nothing more than a backpack 70L and a smaller one and that shell is all I have. It’s scary? Yes, of course. Does it produce lightness? I can’t explain how much.

The other time I went traveling my base camp was still my hometown, Elche. And I did not sell anything or do anything exceptional rather than save money, buy the best material I could find and start the trip with an organised volunteer program.

This time, it’s different. Besides stopping being a married woman – I would like to emphasise that the lawyers who handled the papers, said, «We have never seen a divorce with so much love! We do not understand!»- and that Abu Dhabi is certainly not my place, now I have no place to return to. My home now more than ever is inside. It’s where I am.

Now I need less, I want less, desire less. I’m lighter. Cultivating the quality of collecting moments and accumulating less stuff. Being in the present. To be happy. It’s all related.

I do not mean you have to live a nomadic life and let go of everything, but work on detachment.

El Reino de Nita is not a travel blog, so I don’t promise to share every place I go, how much the accommodation costed or what transportation I have used. Perhaps I’ll tell you about it, but maybe not.

What I would like to tell you is how I manage to practice regularly, under what circumstances, scenarios, if I do it on the street, or a meter and a half room. Or if I have to sacrifice more days of practice than expected beforehand because of the travelling. Since the last time I went backpacking I didn’t practice Ashtanga yet or was engaged as I am now, I have nothing with which to compare. And even if I had, I am now a different person. And tomorrow I will be another.

Detachment, hope and expectations are things to moderate. To feel, every time, day after day, year after year, lighter and lighter. Outgrowing any weight on my back, without nostalgia in my heart and no desire in my mind.

Regarding the next steps … .Are they planned!!! ??

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And the world under me

I would like to define myself as spontaneous, which also I am, and not a planner..however I really love making plans. I dig indeed. It fills me with emotion. Often breaking it entirely or changing it slightly. Most of the time nothing ever goes as planned, but a thousand times better. Well, it is also depends on whatever planning means to you. For me, to plan is to sit two days before and think «where do I go?», for others it may  take months or years. My ticket was bought three days ago. I need to say because some amazing students that I teach has bought me the ticket as a gift. And I cannot be more grateful that life continues bringing me light.

At this time, when  in two days I am flying to Bangkok, I consider the options.

Am I going to Laos, or will I first stay in northern Thailand, or will I go to Vietnam …? the smile on my face is permanent. I enjoy from the prelude to my next adventure.

Life is full of surprises. Five years ago, my first experience as a backpacker  was planned for two months and I was traveling  for almost a year.

The same, just five months ago I went to India for a month and I ended up staying four!

In two days I am flying to Bangkok supposedly for two months in the area … and who knows?

Although this time I have a schedule to visit Spain, for retreats I’m preparing in the north of Spain Asturias – Escondido Bosque and in the South Cádiz -Grazalema Nature Reserve.

I will stop for today, I will keep walking, I will continue my own legend.

My mission is just to find myself.

I will «hopefully» share my next steps pronto 😉

Love & Light