• It doesn’t snow in the desert

  • It does!

  • It doesn’t!

  • Well, it does in my desert. If you want to believe it or not, I just don’t care what you or anyone thinks about me, my ideas and my desert.

  • Calm down, I don’t want to argue with you, is just nonsense what you are saying.

  • Have you been in a desert, ever?

  • Yes.

  • Ok, at least you can say how it looks. ‘Cause most of the people would have an opinion even they had never been in one.

  • I see. So why does it make you upset? The fact that people have opinions about things?

  • You can simplify to that. Though I am not sure you got the whole idea.

  • Is not so difficult: you don’t like to hear opinions that differ from yours.

  • You didn’t get the point at all! Ag!

  • Relax. Explain yourself.

    She breathes deeply and slowly.

  • What makes me upset is people having opinions about situations, circumstances, facts that they are not familiar with. For instance, in Spain everyone has an opinion about Israel-Palestina, and I still feel that I don’t have the right to have an opinion, though I am already living for almost two years in the holy land.

  • That’s not a bad example, but is too common, can you try with another?

  • Sure. Do you know what I do?

  • Mmm, you do… I am not sure, I am confused about you, though I know you want to be a writer.

  • You see! You just judged me. Why do you say I want to become a writer and not just “You are a writer”?. Why? Because I didn’t sell millions of copies, because I am not famous, because my words are too deep to be understood and I have to be more shallow!?

  • I didn’t say any of those things.

  • True.

  • So?

  • That I am sure you have thought about them. You considered some of them, or some that I didn’t mention yet.

  • It is possible. But is not that I don’t believe in you, but to be realistic is so unlikely, is so difficult.

  • Is as difficult as to find snow in a desert?

  • Sounds like a fair metaphor.

  • And if I tell you that there is a desert where snows every year, what do you say?

  • That nature is wonderful.

  • Yeah, nature is. And also dreams are, that’s why you shouldn’t believe when I say to you there is snow in the desert because you never saw it, but you should believe I am a writer because you have my book just next to you. However, the truth is that is more likely that you will see snow in the desert than me becoming a recognize writer or philosopher.

  • I wish I could see both.

  • Maybe you will not see that, but I can offer you something else

  • I am curious

  • You have a reason to be.

  • Think in the dry and infinite land, all desert. And a crystal touches the ground. One after another. A layer of snowflakes over and over, melting, no time to see the whiteness or to feel the softness. But the desert knows that was Snow.

She smiles playfully.