She scratched her head. It’s annoying, she thought. It’s probably psychological, nobody has told me ever that it bothers them. Everybody has it, just like me.

People love to own it, I hate it. What if one day it is stolen?

The value of the thoughts is a rising asset, a good that has gone from private to public. At any time you might be called from the «Institute of Ideas» to be reviewed, to be read, intimidated, humiliated or glorified.

But I do not want to be humiliated, no! My thoughts should be only mine, when they will call me, because at some point in my life they will do, also they will read this, and what will happen?

16 th of June 2049, 08:13

«Luz, wake up –a voice whispers– Luz! –the tone of voice is now forceful and higher. Luz opens a hazel green eye.

«I sensed you were awake” –her mother tenderly smiled–. “You won’t go to school today, we have an appointment at the IOI (as the Institute of Ideas is commonly called). They just called me, get ready. I’ll make your favorite breakfast”.

The building is not gray and ugly as my imagination had drawn. However it is shining and bright; welcoming huge golden letters on the top trying to imply that this place is special. “But in what sense it is especial?” Luz asks herself.

In my opinion, it is especially intimidating and cold, she tells herself.

Luz enters, while her mother stays outside. Her mum says goodbye with a naiveté flooding her eyes, she does not know what this organization does behind the scenes, she, like many humans, does not believe what others do know. The institute is a front for a political and global interest hidden in ambitious hands.

Luz walks confidently, determined, unafraid. The insecurity that awakened in her has turned into curiosity. Curiosity to know how they will extract every bit of it.

In 2022, the first drug with a mechanism capable of holding thoughts appeared, a really expected novelty. A mechanism capable of holding not only memories, but also ideas, thoughts that we are not able always to capture on paper or visualize even though they are important, ingenious, and even dangerous in some cases.

This unique invention has been the best-selling product in history until today.

It works by applying a few drops into the eyes. These drops interact directly with the brain because the drops transform into nanorobots, which, when they are placed in the eyes, migrate along the optic nerve towards the brain.

They are able to recognize when there is a pulse of energy, which is where ideas, memories and memory are taking place.In reality you simply become a transmitter.

At first it was an invention that only the wealthiest could afford, within a few years it was available to everyone, of all socioeconomic statuses.

The side effects, are not physical, but are psychological. They have led human beings themselves to do horrifying acts with different purposes, from genocide to revolutions, and that is how this revolutionary invention changed the course of history.

Which evolved to the following: all existing land governments agreed to create a common law for planet Earth.

The law says: “these drops must be placed on any human being only through the exclusive control of the government in order to ensure world peace”.

The law includes other provisions as well such as: the government has the right to know and see everything that happens in every mind; which means that not only the user can see reflections of their own thoughts (if you have the means to remove them), but the government has the obligation and freedom to do the same.

The fact that nearly all humanity lives submerged in terror helps the manipulation of the population. In addition, it is essential for a government’s survival to continue its task of monitoring and rigorous scanning of any citizen in the world, convincing society that the need for this medicine is vital for their safety as well as for Earth’s governments.

Due to the circumstances and conditioning that today’s society is immersed, it is natural that Luz’s mum plays the role of the perfect citizen; assuming and even supporting the decision to evaluate seriously the possibility that her daughter is a worldwide danger. In that case she is prepared for the Institute of Ideas to take the appropriate steps.

Luz lost in her thoughts, since she was still unaware about which method the Institute employed so as to extract the information, neither what they do with that information nor with the person in each case.

Shortly after her birth it became forbidden to talk about it.No one who has been under these circumstances is authorized to disseminate their experience. All she had heard were rumors.

A machine vocalizes a request for Luz to open her hazel green eyes proving true whether she is or not the person expected.

She is.

Asecond door opens and Luz does not look back. She goes to the fourth floor, sign 212. A huge screen serves as a wall. On the screen are written instructions.

She begins to strip, that is the first requirement, with nothing with which to cover herself. She has to enter a sterile room and everything that comes from the outside world must be eliminated. She places all her belongings in a box that disappears in a cloud of smoke.

On the screen appears a road to be virtually traveled in all her nakedness. She begins walking; her steps lead to strides.

Suddenly she finds herself trotting thus, her pulse gets faster and faster.

“I do not like running naked”, she thinks. It is uncomfortable, despite the small size of my breasts it hurts while I am jogging, my thighs almost rubbing together despite my slimness whilst my hair feels sticky on my back.

At last! The screen indicates that the exercise has been successfully completed, she can hardly breathe but at least it’s over.

A drawer opens without warning, within it there is a small syringe.

The instructions are simple: Inject it, lie down and wait. At the same moment a stretcher extends from the opposite wall.

Outraged and frustrated she dutifully follows each of the rules that are told to her.

While waiting, she despairs. She has no idea what will happen. While she is wanderinginthe screen are projected her thoughts, her memories, she feels really embarrassed. “This is mine! Only mine! What right do they have to take them away, to analyze it?” She asks herself.

She is aware that behind the screen there are people watching, evaluating her as an object, not a being with feelings and her own ideas.

That is what this law pursues, aiming to delete an individual’s own judgment, ideas, that the concept of privacy and intimacy disappears. “Or have they already done so? Can I be part of this society? Or am I broken?” Her mind addresses one question after another.

After a few minutes, the screen goes blank, the ideas have disappeared. Luz loses consciousness.

When she recovers, she is not herself anymore; her childhood is another, her memories are not what she thought they were.

What has been implanted in her mind is what she has become. She feels this is the life which belongs to her, to be a courtesan, no doubt, she looks in the mirror and sees herself: Luz, the most sought-after girl.


16 th of June 2049, 08:13

«Luz, wake up –a voice whispers– Luz! –the tone of voice is now forceful and higher. Luz opens a hazel green eye.

«I sensed you were awake” –her mother tenderly smiled–. “You won’t go to school today, we have an appointment at the IOI. They just called me, get ready. I’ll make your favorite breakfast”.

«I already knew” Luz answers.

«How could you know?”

«I traveled to the future through my dreams, today I will stop being myself”.

Maybe I have the potential to become the leader of a terrorist organization, or perhaps a rebel leader to stop this brainwashing that we have an obligation to use as an accessory for our life.

Maybe my ideas are so powerful that not even they will kill them.

Maybe I am a threat in their controlled world.

Perhaps someday.