«To all Non Spanish Speakers that claim me to write in English. I tried my best! I am sure I made mistakes but the point is to reach your soul and your mind»

Perhaps the moment to explain why Nepal trip arrives; where it came the necessity, not only as destiny but also the fact to do a volunteer program in a totally different country.

Last year has been a Scare, Hope and Love Movie; the most violent, painful and hopeful that I have watched in all my life.

A lot of time has been invested in the production, direction and advertisement.
Finally achieving a sales record, making the actors known due to their enchanting performance of their personages, and touching spectator’s soul thanks of the message of the movie.

The movie is a summary of part of my life.
In the beginning is based in the incomprehensible and incoherence, carrying the actors to deal with situations that proofs their common sense and goodness.
Turning round the argument towards fierce scenes, where part of the personages feel powerless before the situation that they have to face, while others contaminate all around them with their ire, shaping two extremes, executioner and victims.
Although in this film, the victims do not stay unmoved and subjected to the executioners, otherwise they make decisions, face, fight, fall and they get up again. Bringing to the public hopelesness moments, confusion but breathing to hope.

Next steps are moulding becoming a better situation for the before victims, in spite of being full of injuries that only time and conception could eliminate.
Reiterating before Victims, not any more, now they are persons that take and face their decisions.
*I do not consider external agents conditioning the whole people life, individually we can decide our way of life, which acts carry out, always assuming responsibility.
If it is never your fault, you can not take responsibility for it. If you can not take responsibility for it, you will always be its victim*

Is a no ending movie, allow you to believe changes are possible, and only depend on you.
*It shows something really important, something essential that helps to reach a prime and happy life: if you want to meet someone who can fix any situation you do not like, who can bring your happiness in spite of what other people say or believe, look in a mirror, then say this magic word: Hello.
Is it yourself.*

And this film brought me to Nepal.
I could have gone to another part of the World, but Nepal had everything I wish for a short (but really intense) period of my life.
It had all the conditions, and now from here I can confirm: completely different country from I come, landscapes that make you fly, peace and calm, crowded (when you look for it), furthermore the chance to offer all I am and I know to these “crazy little children” (as my mate David called them).

Since I arrived from the Mountain (I talked about that in my post in Spanish, I was in Langtang) I was on hurry to go back again trekking, despite I am enjoying a lot in the orphanage, soon we are going to Pokhara (one of the most beautiful cities of Nepal) and from there another trekking route is the next stop, but this time in Annapurna region.

Moreover, during these last days we have been meeting with different Sponsors that are funding the orphanage, they wanted to know our perspective and opinion about the most important improvements. It was interesting but at the same time unsettling, because we see a lot of submerged economic interests behind the important issue “I only want the best for the children” they say. It seems dangerous and unfair, but facing against unfamiliar without arms is not the way to do things, to clean a rotten field, first we have to assure where are the mines located and for that we have to search the field, and then we can sow in a fertile field in order to collect in the future a good harvest.

Volunteers can not give everything we would like, we can not dress them perfect, feed them with the food we think is the most appropriate, giving all the meds, because when the volunteer leaves ¿What is going to happen? This child/ren have to learn to live in their environment, inmunising from their fears and painless.
Regards, we can offer development ways to reach a better future: hygiene measures, education, smiles, comprehension and respect.
Attitude and Knowledge is what we can relay on them, and will be useful for their life, since the day they learn.
So we will continue giving love, offering our mind teaching them to be independent and braves.

Specially for you, words unearthing from my deep insides, is from me for you.
Light of my life illuminates my steps, next to me in every single thought , in every word, in every smile.
“To love someone unconditionally is not to care who they are or what they do. Unconditional love, on the surface, looks the same as indifference” (Richard Bach)
So I love you with conditions, assuming that living you is the condition of understanding your YOU.
To Rosa