You look for an unachievable calm, you need to be alone but you only want to be with me if that means everything will be all right.
I promise myself to don’t talk to you, I don’t want anyone to break our silence, this silence that belongs to us.
You want to feel the cold, you need to feel it. You are fed up to live like this, hidden yourself.
In that instant of your life you forgot that you even exist. You want to scape to your dessert, or to your Galilea Sea without eyes following you.
Fly to your chosen place, there your amulet will be the loneliness.
Only you and me, we dance together, just you and me.
It looks that without me your oxygen is left but reality is completely different.
For once you wish the world to stop, to be quiet.
From now you don’t care about what people may think. You have been aware about your thoughts since you born, they opened always new doors pushing you towards the emptiness.
Not anymore.

Free yourself.
Each day is a challange.
You are as a nomad looking for the truth. Blank pages are your elixir.
You live seeking to reach peaks that each time are nearest.
You are a life, nature, human being lover, however full of fear of being loved too much.
Never is too much, do you remember? You used to tell me.

You could never forgot about her role in your life, the day she left all the lights turn on to show you the way, and also to show her the way towards you.
Always is hard to say goodbye even you know this goodbye is a kind of reborn.
Is a metaphoric goodbye because she always will have a place in your soul.
Without her nothing will be the same, not worst not better, just different.
Don’t blame yourself, I know you are not pretending to erase her from your memory.
She gave you the celing, you gave her your soul, and now after all is the time to open the door of your most hidden secrets and thoughts.
Is not about you discovering the world, is about what the world would miss if doesn’t discover you.

I love the sound of your laugh, the movement of your fingers when you talk, when you hug me and I can feel the smell of your body.
Your particular way to face life and your intrinsic happiness are the essence of yourself.
Eyes, tears, frozen lips, smiles, the skin standing on end, touch it, feel it. Words are not needed.
I promise you and everyone that loves you that I will built smiles for you, I know the ingredients to cook gladness that will feed ourselves and keep it growing inside, forever.

Free Yourself.
I will not let you down.
I will be next to you as much as you need, as much as you wish; although I can not fly for you, you are strong, jump without fear, you will learn before falling down and then, only then, I will hold your hand Forever.

Life is ephemeral, meaningful while meaningless. We are made of star stuff. We are all connected.