The path of yoga, with its contribution for inner growth and internal reflection, offers us many answers to our searches. However, it seems that women also need a healthy and safe ground to expand, relate and meet part of ourselves feeling stronger and full of love.

«In 2009 the Dalia Lama declared in his visit to the World Summit for Peace in Vancouver, that the world will be saved by Western women. While the feminine qualities of interconnectedness, vulnerability, relationship and cooperation have historically been undermined in a patriarchal society that celebrates to a large extent individuality, domination and competition, there is a growing sense that a universal awakening is taking place. Despite the external appearances of destruction and deterioration, human consciousness is evolving at a very rapid pace and, in these changing times, feminine principles are fundamental to the new world that is being born. » Aleya Abdulla and Sacred Earth Journeys

When we enter the path of yoga, with inner growth and internal reflection, we begin to find answers, however, it seems that even as women we lack something in the cultivation of the divine feminity. In some way, we need shelter, a healthy and safe land to expand and recover.

To build and re-evaluate our lives. It is what is also called a women’s circle.

Women’s circles are places in which we feel safe and secure in order to open ourselves from within without filters or conditions.

Where we learn to be compassionate with ourselves, and also with other women, giving space to collective growth, to sisterhood, instead of resentment, envy or competitiveness.

It is not a place to give and receive advice (though you can always ask for that). Negative connotations and criticisms, judgments, fears and comparisons are left out. It is an opportunity to see you as a Woman. Together we remember who we are, where we come from, where we are going, what dreams we have, and how we can achieve them. Together we project the vision we create.

Lifting other women, elevates us. At the same time, finding our place helps us to have better personal relationships. Giving space to the other to find themselves.

Solidary Support

In my case, for years I developed excessively my masculine part more than the feminine one, leaving my femininity relegated to a corner. As if it were less useful than the masculine one. With the awakening, I realized that something did not fit, that there was a great imbalance and disconnection with myself.

Just like men have their own role. We, largely due to the socio-historical context of the last centuries, have neglected our true role, our true nature. That is why now is the time for women, to heal what prevents us from being who we really are. When we enter that femininity, we automatically give space for men to do the same. We can begin to weave this new reality to be in tune with our true nature: our physical conditions, our moon cycle, constantly remind us that we are changing, fluctuating, open and vulnerable, so we can love endlessly and without conditions.

To heal and reconnect with our true wisdom, we need to awaken and take responsibility for our deep disappointments, pains, denials and allow healing to occur. Allow to feel the energies and their qualities.

In a Women’s Circle, or in a Women’s retreat, one of the pillars is confidentiality: not judging, allowing and honoring perfect imperfection.

One of the books I recommend reading, if you have not already, is Women who run with the wolves.

We are courageous women, with a great need to love, understand and, above all, grow, mature; dear to meet the WILD WOMAN, the ancestral woman who inhabits our skin and our bones, our cells and our memory.

This process is absolutely necessary. We can not expect a man to give us what is not in his essence. It is unfair and inadequate, as well as frustrating and conflictive. On the contrary, we have the ability to live in harmony by relating to the other gender in a safe, healthy and beneficial way for both. In order for this to happen, it is vital to recognize that we need the sisterhood, support and love of other women.

Liberation of Femininity 

In the dawn of humanity, the narrow circles created by women helped to sustain life. Our ties are united both biologically, and emotionally.

Living consciously and making a difference in our realities and in the world we inhabit is an obligation as evolved and conscious beings.

To live from love not from fear, consciously. The practice of Yoga together with the liberation of femininity are two pieces that form a perfect puzzle.

Remember to love yourself, and that I love you, Woman.

Womens Retreat 2-5 May in Spain. If you are interested write to me.